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The Consumer Culture Theory Consortium (CCTC) is an international association of scholars who offer critical insights on how consumer culture dynamics matter to contemporary citizens and institutions. The CCTC membership is a diverse one, not least in respect to where scholars are geographically located. This diversity is deeply valued. Indeed, it central to the consortium’s identity, and the consortium strives to be an inclusive organization in every respect.

Given this defining characteristic of the CCTC, any political action that restricts the free movement of people and ideas across borders is deeply concerning. The CCTC affirms its strong opposition to discriminatory travel restrictions and to policies that similarly make certain groups more vulnerable and insecure. It stands with sister societies, both international and U.S. based, to call for the protection of human rights, and of academic freedoms. On February 20th, 2017, the governing board of the CCTC unanimously voted to always consider the negative effects of travel restrictions prior to the selection of venues for hosting CCT conferences.

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