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Workshops and Symposia

In addition to formal doctoral programs emphasizing CCT, several universities and associations offer workshops and symposia focusing on various aspects of Consumer Culture Theory, Qualitative Data Collection, and Qualitative Data Analysis.

Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop (run in conjunction with the Consumer Culture Theory Conference) odd years.

The QDA Workshop is a biennial hands-on workshop focusing on the analysis, interpretation, and writing of qualitative consumer research. The focus of this workshop is not qualitative data collection. Working with senior mentors, teams will tackle issues such as: interpretive problems, iterative cycling from data/literature/theory, and moving from findings to theoretical contributions.

UPDATED: QDA21 will be virtual and held on July 7 and 8, 2021. More information about the workshop, and how to register, can be found here.

QDA 2022 will be an in-person event held in conjunction with the 2022 CCT Conference hosted by Oregon State University in July 2022. A save the date for the workshop can be found here.

Theorizing Consumer Culture (run in Santiago, Chile) every year.

This 2-day workshop aims at supporting Latin American CCT scholars to successfully overcome challenges in paper development and publishing. It also enables participants to connect with other Latin American researchers who are working on consumer culture research, potentially developing collaborations across disciplines and institutions.

Consumer Culture Theory (run in Australia) every year, by the Consumer Culture Insights Group at RMIT, Melbourne and invited senior scholars.

This one day workshop helps CCT scholars connect, learn, and share knowledge via presentations, panels, and one-on-one mentoring. The inaugural 2017 workshop focused on how to build a theory  from large, complex data. This workshop is designed to appeal to scholars at a variety of levels.

Workshop on Videography (run in Europe) several times a year by Pr. Joonas Rokka.

Videography is an innovative and transdisciplinary research methodology that can be used to study consumption experiences, brands, identity, lifestyle, materiality, temporality, space and markets. The workshop is ideal for Phd students interested in doing research using video-based approaches. The workshop is particularly well suited for researchers aiming to publish visually-oriented work in academic conferences and publications.

JNRC Conference and Doctoral Colloquium (run in France) every year.

JNRC is a three-day event that aims at gathering French-speaking CCT researchers. The goal of this event is to share ongoing research projects to get constructive feedback, and to meet in a friendly environment. The Doctoral Colloquium is particularly relevant for PhD students belonging to institutions where CCT researchers are in a minority, and need extra feedback on their research.

Interpretive Consumer Research (ICR) Workshop (biennial, varying locations)

The workshop attracts established and emerging scholars mainly, but not exclusively, from Europe. Its focus is theoretical and methodological innovation in interpretive consumer research by examining the symbolic, socio-cultural, historical, ideological and experiential aspects of consumption.

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