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Award Description & Eligibility

Authors of papers submitted to the competitive-track and working papers with data collection at least in progress at the Consumer Culture Theory Conference will automatically be entered for the annual Jim McAlexander Award competition. One paper will be selected for being the “coolest research” as would have been determined by Jim. 

The award is given to the author(s) of the “coolest” context of all competitive-track or working papers track submitted for the Consumer Culture Theory Conference. The winner receives $600, to be split as evenly across all co-authors as possible. The recipients will be presented at the annual CCT conference luncheon.

Applicants will automatically be entered in this competition, and all competitive-track and working papers with data collection at least-in progress that are submitted are eligible to win. The judging team will be the co-hosts of the annual CCT conference or a proxy team of their choosing. They will review all eligible papers and determine a subset that has an interesting or “cool” context. That subset will then go on to a final reviewer that is familiar with Jim’s definition of “cool” research. Reviewing will be done shortly after the closure of the submission window, with the winner being selected by June 1st, prior to the in-person conference. 

The intent of the Jim McAlexander Award is to recognize the impact Jim had on the field of Marketing, specifically in the Consumer Culture Theory community. Jim had an ethos of “do no boring research” and throughout his career worked on projects that fulfilled just that. This award continues his legacy by encouraging other CCT scholars to pursue research that they find fun and should help to grow the CCT community as the papers with cool research contexts often inspire new and tenured researchers alike to consider working within the paradigm.

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