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The following are recently published research articles and books focusing on Consumer Culture Theory topics.

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Søren Askegaard & Jacob Östberg, eds. “Nordic Consumer Culture. State, Market and the Consumers,” London: Palgrave. (2019).


Taste, Consumption and Markets: An Interdisciplinary Volume (forthcoming) eds. Zeynep Arsel and Jonathan Bean, Routledge, NY

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Journal of Marketing


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Journal of Consumer Research


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Journal of Business Research


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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science


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Marketing Theory


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Journal of Services Marketing


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Journal of Consumer Culture


Thompson, Craig J. and Ankita Kumar, “Beyond Consumer Responsibilization: Slow Food’s Actually Existing Neoliberalism” Journal of Consumer Culture,” forthcoming.

Fuschillo, Gregorio. “Fans, Fandoms, or Fanaticism?” Journal of Consumer Culture, forthcoming.

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European Journal of Marketing


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Consumption, Markets, Culture


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Journal of Marketing Management


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Journal of Macromarketing


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International Journal of Marketing Semiotics


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Journal of Arts and the Market


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Journal of the Association for Consumer Research


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Journal of Consumer Affairs


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Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing


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Journal of Place Branding & Public Diplomacy


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Body and Society


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Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal


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Recherche et Applications Marketing


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Sign Systems Studies


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Social Semiotics


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Tourism Management


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International Marketing Review


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Journal of Public Policy and Marketing


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Academy of Management Learning & Education


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Gender, Work, and Organization


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International Journal of Consumer Studies


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Journal of Interactive Marketing


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Young Consumers



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Organizações & Sociedade 


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