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It is typical for CCT researchers to cultivate theoretical and methodological knowledge through coursework in core disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, communications, and cultural studies. The following are a selection of readings that provide more specific guidance for doing research in the CCT tradition and publishing in the top consumer research journals.

Research Methods and Theoretical Development

Asking Questions with Reflexive Focus: A Tutorial on Designing and Conducting Interviews, Journal of Consumer Research by Zeynep Arsel 

Netnography, Redefined, Sage Book, by Rob Kozinets

Automated Text Analysis for Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Research, by Ashlee Humphreys and Rebecca Jen-Hui Wang

Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research, Sage Book by Russell Belk, Eileen Fischer, and Robert V Kozinets

Process Theorization in Cultural Consumer Research By Markus Giesler and  Craig J. Thompson, Journal of Consumer Research

Market-Oriented Ethnography: Interpretation Building and Marketing Strategy Formulation, Journal of Marketing Research by Eric J. Arnould and Melanie Wallendorf

Review Process

Field Guide for the Review Process: Writing and Responding to Peer Reviews By Rajesh Bagchi, Lauren Block, Rebecca W. Hamilton, Julie L. Ozanne, Journal of Consumer Research

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