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Sidney J. Levy Award 2021

The Consumer Culture Theory Consortium and the assessment committee consisting of Fleura Bardhi (chair), Delphine Dion and Craig Thompson are happy to announce this year's winner !

The award goes to Dr. Anton Siebert for his dissertation paper: “Customer Experience Journeys: Loyalty Loops Versus Involvement Spirals, Journal of Marketing, 84 (4), 45-66.” (co-authored with Ahir Gopaldas, Andrew Lindrige and Cláudia Simões)

The grounds, in the words of the committee:

We were all very impressed with this paper for a variety of reasons. First, we believe the paper provides a novel way of seeing a traditional and saturated field of marketing, customer experiences. This paper looks longitudinally at the customer experience across multiple service cycles in the recreational industry and introduces the notion of sticky customer journeys. Its theoretical contribution lies in the introduction of a new type of customer journey as well as the framing of the past literature. Second, we were also impressed by the extensive and novel data collection which involves ethnographic emersion within three case studies contexts. Such an extensive multi-context involvement is unique within our field. Third, the paper demonstrates the value of CCT research for marketing strategy. It provides specific managerial implications and clear guidelines derived from its theoretical model. Finally, the paper does a great job in developing a strong research agenda for future research. In sum, we believe this is an innovative study that will make important theoretical and managerial contributions to the field of marketing.

In addition, the committee pronounced an honorable mention to the paper by Dr. Samuelson Appau for his dissertation paper "Understanding Difficult Consumer Transitions: Permanent Liminality in the In/Dividual Consumer, Journal of Consumer Research, 47 (August), 167-191. (co-authored with Julie Ozanne and Jill Klein)


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