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Sidney J. Levy Award Winners 2022

The Consumer Culture Theory Consortium and the Judging team of Marie-Agnès Parmentier (chair), Ela Veresiu, and Gulnur Tumbat are happy to announce this year's winner!

The award goes to Daniel Dietrich for his dissertation paper: “A Framework of Brand Contestation: Toward Brand Antifragility. Journal of Consumer Research , 48(4), 682-708.” The runner-up for the award is Karin Brondino-Pompeo for her paper: "Mapping spheres of exchange: a multidimensional approach to commoditization and singularization. AMS Rev 11, 81–95 (2021)."

Congratulations to both these wonderful scholars. We look forward to celebrating with you (and the award winners from 2021 and 2020) at the 2022 CCT conference in Oregon.


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